Management principles are reflected in the objective laws of management practices and determine the requirements for a particular system, structure and organization of management.

Basic ideas of behaviour in business.

All existing management the set of principles is divided into three main groups. The first group includes general principles of management in general. The second group – management principles that manage themselves on the individual components of the system. The principles that regulate in the Third Group the order and the rules for the management of specific activities.
In the system of general principles of administration in the present phase of the main place occupy the principle of the scientific soundness of administration, the principle of a systemic approach to solving management tasks, as well as the principles of optimality, flexibility, democratization, regulation and formalization of administration.
The issue of existential-ethical justification of the company is essentially the issue of its survival. For the provision of this survival in the post-Soviet space, it is important to make a revolutionary change as in the minds of elites, and in the minds of the masses with the aim of justifying and justifying corporate activity in society. This revolution in the field of mass consciousness in societies of the transitional type should be based on traditional ethical views that prevail precisely in these societies and not blindly copying Western European experience.
At its core, the system of the economy is not only an external manifestation of economic freedom but also the organic component of all civil liberties.
The real entrepreneur must have a high professional quality (because business – one of the most complex and complex activities), but in the present time the demands on professionalism are not limited to close knowledge, but necessarily includes an understanding of the social meaning and existential-moral significance the work that leads each topic.
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